HUS.Group is developing inspiring gathering houses and actively supports The System Change Foundation with THE HUS in expanding their spirit.

Over the year the spaces will be used by purpose driven entrepreneurs and institutions that are hand-picked and match the ecosystem.

HUS.Group serves The System Change Foundation with sustainable services and creates publicly accessible formats and assembly places. HUS.Group adheres to THE HUS.rules.

THE HUS is a global home, which provides shelter and conformity – built by several individuals and institutions. To maintain this global home with integrity, we have to fellow certain basic values & rules.

Under the roof of THE HUS no framework is set, the work has to be done fast without the frame, but we frame the story!

Climate Change is real and Exponential Technology will disrupt all parts of the global economy and society in the next decade and that is good so because in order to solve global issues we have to fundamentally change our systems. To do nothing is insane! We have to bring new solutions to scale, that’s why we will build a global village for responsible optimists.

At THE HUS, we stay convinced, ambitious and curious!


Accept your duties within the community and on this planet.

Accept multicultural backgrounds and connect with common global issues.

Accept your global identity and take care about global problems. You are a native of Mother Earth!

Accept complexity and recognize patterns. Deal with change and think in systems!

Accept rules and routines, but also break them. Keep human values!
Keep nothing back!
Be aware of structural problems of the current and free of bias! <>

Be open for new realities and not cynically! <>

Be respectful, present and transparent!

Be honest and serious, but not rigid!

Be friendly, excited and urgent!
Be human!
Do integrate climate actions into your core values! 

Do engage, communicate and act. Have a message and stimulate feelings!

Do inform, listen and keep attention!

Do tolerate and increase each others Self-Worth to be a Game Changer!

Do connect, make friends and be happy!

Don’t do, what you should not do!
Choose nature-based circular products and solutions! 

Pay the real price for your consumption!

Try new things and share opportunities!

Invest your time!

Let go!
Reimagine, take decisions and find your purpose!

At THE HUS, we struggle together! 

THE HUS Code of Conduct

We invite you to come to THE HUS, a home full of curiosity, opneness, respect, and new perspectives.

Under the roof of THE HUS, we do not tolerate, in any form whatsoever, fraudulent offences, narrow-mindednesses, or selfish behavoir.

If we all give, we get more!

At THE HUS, we ...
respect the boundaries and intentions of others.

respect the time we have available to solve issues.

respect each other and all differences.

respect confidentiality, where requested!

respect the trust that is given to you in THE HUS.




These do not fit under the roof of THE HUS

being inhuman and intolerant